Dew the Tourney Dance Rules

Mountain Dew/Mountain Dew Zero, County Market and K99 Dew the Tourney Dance


 Pepsi will provide the level 68 prize.  Gatorade Bolt 24 single serve.


 Pepsi will provide 32 prizes to our remaining people that have teams remaining. It’s an           8-pack of Bubbl’r Sparkling.

 Pepsi will again provide 16 prizes to the people that have teams remaining 2 Snyder              pretzels and 1 Mountain Dew 24 pack


 Pepsi will provide 8 prizes to our winners.  4 Portesi Pizzas and 1 Mountain Dew 24 Pack.

 Pepsi is providing 4 nice prizes to our winners. 1 Pizza Oven and 5 Portesi Pizzas.

 Pepsi again provides 2 prizes for our two remaining contestants.  A Pepsi Retro cooler.

 Pepsi will provide the grand prize for the winner.  It will be a TV.


Rules for the contest:

  1.  No purchase necessary to enter.
  2.  Must be 18 years of age or older to play
  3. You can only participate by registering at Medford and Abby County Markets or on air though WKEB radio.  16 teams will be given away at each County Market and 36 teams given away on air…28 on WKEB and 8 on 107.1 FM radio.
  4. Employees of County Market in Abby and Medford along with employees at WKEB radio are ineligible to play.
  5. Only one team allowed by family.
  6. Instant prizes will be given away at live remotes
  7. Prizes between round can be picked up at K99 only between 7-4 weekdays.  Please do not pick up your prizes until your team is eliminated. 
  8. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.  Prizes are non-transferable.
  9. Prizes not picked up by April 30th will be re-gifted in a future promotion.


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