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PACKER 100 Square Grid Rules

Official Rules 100 Square Grid

  1. No Purchase Necessary
  2. Entry is a picture that must contain Packer green and gold. Picture can be of yourself, your friends or family…or choose the packer pride at the office, your school or on the street. Your picture depicts Packer Pride as we gear up for the season.  100 pictures will be randomly placed on a 100 square prize grid. Each of the 100 grid photo winners will receive a free Tombstone Pizza.
  3. The K99 Best Picture Award:  From the 100 square grid we’re giving our favorite picture entrant a $200 gift certificate from James Stokes Photography. 
  4. Photos must be sent via email or by text to 715-965-7053.
  5. One entry per person. Entry must contain First and Last Name and phone number.  No duplicate photos with different entrant name will be accepted.  Pictures will be placed on grid at random.  
  6. Contest involves game score of the Packer vs Falcons on October 5th.  If that game is postponed or cancelled, game play will be moved to next played Packer game. If Packers do not play another game Before Oct 31, 2020 each teams quarter score and final score will be chosen by random drawing from a hat of numbers 0 - 9 On November 2, 2020
  7. Numbers for Grid (Packers (across the top) & Falcons (down the side) will be chosen before day of the game & entire grid presented on the k99 website
  8. Grand Prize Winners- Final Score:   Winners choice of a select 55” LG UHD TV from Ackeret Appliance & TV (value $589) or the La-Z-Boy Rocker Recliner (5 to choose from) from Hank’s Furniture ($499 value) or the select Pellet Grill from Smith Brothers Meats.  Next --winner (score reverse) gets their choice of remaining prizes with final grand prize going to the Mystery square holder. (mystery square will be randomly selected before grid is filled. One grand Prize Awarded per Person.
  9. Other Prizes Awarded During the Game.                                                                First Quarter Winner: On the grid, winning numbers receives a select mini refrigerator from K&B Refrigeration. 2nd Quarter Winners: On the grid, winning numbers at the half receives a detailing vehicle package from Courtesy Auto & Truck valued at $300.   3rd Quarter Winner:  On the grid, winning numbers receives a prize package from Furniture Direct.



  2 7 6 5 9 3 0 4 1 8

Deb Goerg

Suzy Wood

Cody Judnic

Robin Dunkel

Jill Jochimsen

Ronald Raasch

Alex Dahl

Mike Purdy

Kristen Raasch

Karen Fettes


Art Walls

Randi Woodrow

Mary Jochimsen

Amanda Perrin

Brent Jensen

Brittany Allen

Cindy Ziembo

Cody Schmidt

Cody Zopfi

Heidi Haynes


Dave Bach

Mindy Thomas

Val Bach

Geraldine Poncek

Donna Austin


Carol Judnic

Diane Dahl

Deana Heser

Daniel Harder

Ken Heser


Lisa Dahl

John Olson

Kayla Ziembo

Kris Poncek

Jerry Jochimsen

Larry Zoellick

Mark Jensen

Marney Richling

Mary Harder

Ashley Dahl


Sharon Dassow

Olive Marth


Paul Hemmer

Ryan Thomas

Jenny Jochimsen

Nicole Jari

Nancy Davis

Michelle Kalmon

Mary Leanderts

Bobby Tiffany


Kirk Cwikla

Nicole Purdy

Nikki Sherman

Randy Bergman

Julie Judnic

Tony Netzer

Sara Konieczny

Robert VanLuven

Ron Dassow

Jeff Dahl


Bibs Kremsreiter

Nicole Harder

Rocky Mallien

Erica Butkus

Rose Buehler

Paula Klemm

Sherrie Olson

Stacy Schnabel

Terry Kallenbach

Jacki Wilkins


Todd Perrin

Tom Judnic

Dillan Charles Frahmann

Jeff Kallenbach

Todd Nernberger

Tyler Dassow

Penny Sova

Wendy VanLuven

Tiffany Nuernberger

Chad Allen


Vaughn Austin

Debby Cwikla

Liz Kapfhamer


Robert Wood

Pat Henrichs

Angie Juedes

Mark Tyznik

Luella Daubert

Gail Kestler

Aaron Parks


Ashley Valentine

Tami Kallenbach

Abbie Bergman

Samantha Brandner

Tammy Jensen

Rachel Parks

Becky Heser

Will Sherman

Tom Tlusty

Rhonda Bahr


Thanks to everyone who entered, and apologies to those that didn't make the grid.  We wanted to give anyone who didn't make the grid another chance to win, so we took all entries that didn't make the 100 squares, and chose 20 more second chance contestants.  At the beginning of the 4th quarter we will announce a Mystery Square set of numbers, we will give a Packer Number and Falcon number and it will not be what the score is at the beginning of the 4th quarter.  This Mystery Square will get 99 seconds to call and claim their prize 715-748-5991.  If the Mystery Square contestant doesn't call within the time frame we will draw a name from our 20 randomly drawn second chance contestants they are:

Susan Walls,


Narda Lichtl,

 Kyle Ziembo,

James Allen,

Sandra Bradley,

Ashley Zoellick,

Vickie Faude,

Megan Harris,

Laynee Kalmon,

Shannon Wiegel,

Jeff Nuernberger,

Juleen Brecke,

Butch Wiegel,

Jackie Schmidt,

Terry Fettes,

Connie Dums,

Joyce Shannon,

Barb Tappe,

Renee Drager

If your name is drawn you will have 99 seconds to call and claim the prize and we will draw until we get a winner !  We want you to enjoy the whole game on 99.3 FM but you should at least listen to the beginning of the 4th quarter to see if you are eligible to win!



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