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Music notes: Linda Perry, No Doubt and more

The 2024 Tribeca Festival just announced its lineup, which will include a documentary about songwriter Linda Perry. Linda Perry: Let It Die Here will feature Perry’s frequent collaborator Christina Aguilera. Also getting its world premiere at the festival will be They All Came Out to Montreux, which looks into how the Swiss town of Montreux became home to one of the world’s biggest jazz festivals. It features appearances by artists like Sting, Carlos Santana and Prince.

Gwen Stefani's band No Doubt got a nice streaming bump following their reunion at Coachella on Saturday, April 13. Their catalog saw an 85% increase in U.S. streams, Billboard reports, with streams of "Bathwater," the song they performed with surprise guest Olivia Rodrigo, rising by 450%.

Natasha Bedingfield and A Great Big World are set to perform at the 31st annual Race to Erase MS Gala, taking place Friday, May 10, at Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles. The star-studded event raises funds and awareness for multiple sclerosis.

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Billy Joel CBS special brings in 5.7 million viewers

Courtesy of CBS

It looks like a lot of Billy Joel fans tuned in to see the CBS special dedicated to the 100th performance of his residency at New York's Madison Square Garden.

Variety reports that 5.7 million people caught Billy Joel: The 100th — Live at Madison Square Garden when it aired Sunday, April 14, despite it starting late due to coverage of the Masters Tournament. 

That number includes not only folks who watched the special on CBS, but those who caught the livestream that aired on Paramount+.

Just how big are those numbers? Well, the Joel concert is now the fourth-most-watched special of the year, behind three award shows: the Oscars, Grammys and Golden Globes.

And even more fans will be able to check it out. Following fan uproar over the show being cut short in the middle of Joel’s performance of “Piano Man,” CBS is rebroadcasting the special on Friday, April 19, at 9 p.m. ET.

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Lance Bass received a gift from Elton John after coming out

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Lance Bass tells People magazine that he was surprised by how much support he got when he finally came out as gay in 2006.

Lance, who is now married to Michael Turchin, with whom he shares two children, says when the original People article with his revelation came out, "everything in my life changed." And while some of the changes were bad, like losing a sitcom, he was surprised by how much support he felt. 

“I didn't expect how positive the rest of the world would treat it,” he says. “The industry said, oh, well, we can't use you now. But the public — they made it such a positive thing."

He adds, “Once I was able to see that reaction, it made me feel so good that I wasn't going to be hated.”

And some of that support came from music legend Elton John, who sent Lance a gift after the news broke.

“The most fun thing I got after I came out was a nice gift basket — I think on my front step — and it was from Elton John basically saying, ‘Welcome to the club,’” Lance shares. 

“I was like, ‘Wow, I got a welcome basket from the king of the gay mafia,’” he adds. “I'm like, ‘I'm in!’ I thought that was the most fun, welcoming basket you could ever get.”


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Seal celebrating 30th anniversary of sophomore album with deluxe reissue


The 30th anniversary of Seal’s self-titled sophomore album is being celebrated with a new deluxe reissue.

Seal (Deluxe Edition), dropping June 14, will feature a newly remastered version of the album. It also includes previously unreleased recordings, like alternate versions of “Newborn Friend,” “Don’t Cry” and “Dreaming in Metaphors," as well as a previously unreleased version of the hit “Kiss From A Rose,” which is out now on digital services and YouTube.

The deluxe edition also features a cover of Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like An Eagle” and a recording of “Manic Depression,” featuring Jeff Beck, which originally appeared on Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix.

Seal (Deluxe Edition) will be released as a two-LP black vinyl set via, a “milky white” vinyl through Barnes & Noble and as a two-CD/Blu-Ray version with Dolby Atmos and High Resolution Stereo mixes of the album.

All formats are available for preorder now. 

Released in May 1994, Seal peaked at #15 on the U.S. charts. The single “Kiss From A Rose,” which was featured in Batman Forever, went on to win three Grammy Awards: Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

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Travis Kelce talks Coachella experience with Taylor Swift

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Taylor Swift and boyfriend Travis Kelce were spotted enjoying themselves at Coachella this past weekend, and now, Travis is giving fans the lowdown on their experience.

“I absolutely love live music,” he told his brother, Jason Kelce, on the latest episode of their New Heights podcast. “I don’t get enough of it in my life." He added, “It was fun getting out there and seeing a few new bands that I really wasn’t that familiar with and just became an absolute lover of their music because of how they performed and captivated the crowd.”

Travis particularly liked seeing Taylor’s friend and collaborator Jack Antonoff onstage with Bleachers, noting, he “absolutely ripped it." “I had so much fun seeing him go nuts with his guitar and all his boys," he said.

Travis says he and Taylor "probably could've finessed it" so they'd get to watch all the acts from behind the stage, but they instead were out in the crowd, and that's the way Travis preferred it.

“I like to see it from the fans’ perspective, ‘cause I am, I’m a fan of music. I’m a fan of live shows,” he said. “I want to see it from the front of the stage.” 

He added, "I think it’s that much more of an experience if you’re in the pit, if you’re in the madness with all the fans.”

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Barbra Streisand to release "Love Will Survive" from Peacock series 'The Tattooist of Auschwitz'

courtesy of NBC/photo by Russell James

We’re about to get a brand new song from Barbra Streisand.

The legendary singer is set to release "Love Will Survive" on April 25, a song she recorded for the upcoming Peacock limited series The Tattooist of Auschwitz, which premieres May 2. 

The track, which will serve as the end title for the series, is the first song Streisand has ever recorded for a TV series.

“Because of the rise in antisemitism around the world today, I wanted to sing 'Love Will Survive' in the context of this series, as a way of remembering the six-million souls who were lost less than 80 years ago,” Streisand says. “And also to say that even in the darkest of times, the power of love can triumph and endure.”

The Tattooist of Auschwitz, which stars Harvey Keitel, Melanie Lynskey, Jonah Hauer-KingAnna Próchniak and Jonas Nay, follows the love and survival story of a prisoner at the Auschwitz concentration camp who falls in love with a fellow prisoner he meets while tattooing her identification number on her arm. 

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Dua Lipa’s “Illusion” was inspired by her dating life

Tyrone Lebon/Warner Records; Sabrina: Island/UMG

Dua Lipa shares the process behind the making of her latest single, "Illusion," in a new How it Went Down video for Billboard, revealing the song was inspired by her dating life at the time.

Dua says the idea for the track came from a chat she was having with her songwriting partner where she was talking about what was going on in her life. 

“I was in, I guess, the milkshake of singledom. This crazy rollercoaster of just funny stories and I think it just makes for really good writing,” Dua says.

It sounds like “Illusion” was written about someone who didn’t turn out to be dating material. 

“It’s funny when someone thinks that they can trick you or they can be an illusion of some sort and you see right through it, but you choose to like play along because it’s just more funny,” she says. “I guess it’s part of the dating thing where you’re kinda just texting because you’re bored but you could just see right through the bullsh** and so that’s really what 'Illusion' is about.” 

Dua also shares the meaning behind the song’s lyric, “I can dance all night to this,” explaining it’s her way of saying, “there’s nothing that stops me from being able to see through this illusion. Like, I can play you at your own game.”

Dua Lipa was just named as one of TIME100's most influential people in the world for 2024, and she’s been announced as one of the performers for the annual TIME100 Gala, happening Thursday, April 25, in New York City. ABC will give fans a peek inside the Gala with TIME100: The World’s Most Influential People, airing Sunday, May 12, at 10 p.m. ET.

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Barry Manilow is ready for the "thrill" of his return to Radio City Music Hall

MSG Entertainment/The Bowery Presents

Barry Manilow is originally from New York City, and while he hasn't lived there in years, he's back starting April 17 for a five-night run of shows at Radio City Music Hall; he'll do five more in October. While New York may no longer hold the appeal it once did for the entertainer, he says playing the iconic venue is worth the trip.

Between the first mini residency at Radio City last year and the trips he's made to the Big Apple over the past few years for his Broadway show, Harmony, Barry told ABC Audio, "I've had my my fill of New York, thank you very much." But he notes, "Being able to play Radio City again, that is really a thrill."

Let's just hope he's gotten over the nerves that he says hit him during that first Radio City residency in 2023.

"The first night that I did it, it was the first time I felt a little scared," he admitted. "Y'know, I've played bigger rooms than that. But for some reason, walking out on the stage of Radio City, where I sat way in the back to watch the Rockettes and the Christmas show so many years ...  walking out on that stage and looking at the room from that point of view, I actually felt a little nervous about doing it."

"I had to pull myself together for the first couple of songs," he added. 

Barry will play Radio City April 17 through April 21, and then again October 9 through October 13. Between those stints, he'll perform his regular residency at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, hop over to England in June for a residency at the London Palladium, and do U.S. arena dates.

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Taylor Swift is releasing a new music video Friday night

Beth Garrabrant

While Taylor Swift's new album The Tortured Poets Department will be ours on April 19, we haven't heard anything about visuals from the album -- until now.

The official Taylor Nation account posted on social media, "If entry into THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT is what you seek, step out of the Midnights room and enjoy a peek. Add another board meeting to your #TTPDTimetable on Friday at 8pm ET for a music video premiere!"

Along with that cryptic message is a video that shows a Midnights-themed room, complete with clock and the various colored vinyl versions of that album. The video takes us out of that room, through a door, down an antiseptic white corridor and through another door marked The Tortured Poets Department. 

Inside, there's a white office with a white board calendar. In the box labeled Friday, April 19, it reads, "8pm ET video release!!" There's also another box for April 20 that isn't visible, but it looks as though there might be something written there as well.

Meanwhile, a number of Taylor's new lyrics have been revealed as part of her Spotify Tortured Poets Department pop-up experience in LA. One reads, "Even statues crumble if they’re made to wait,” while another reads, "One less temptress. One less dagger to sharpen.”

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Music notes: Taylor Swift, Michael Bublé and more

Murals are going up in Chicago that appear to be teasing Taylor Swift's new album, The Tortured Poets Department. Fans have shared images on social media of the murals, which include the text "TTPD" and "13." The murals also feature a QR code, which leads you to a message on YouTube Shorts that says "Error 321," in the old-fashioned typewriter font Taylor has been using for this era. Fans have pointed out that the same message appeared on Taylor's website right before she announced the new album back in February.

In other Taylor Swift news — because it is release week, after all — actor Michael J. Fox points to her and her pal Ryan Reynolds as two people he sees as having a huge impact over the next 50 years. "I think she's going to be a really important person. I think she moves economies, she changes the way the world works, and that's amazing," the actor tells People, adding that he appreciates what "she's said publicly about issues."

Billboard reports that Michael Bublé is one of the artists featured on an album called The Henry Mancini 100th Sessions – Henry Has Company, marking the 100th birthday of composer Henry Mancini, best known for "The Pink Panther Theme" and "Moon River." Michael has recorded "Moon River" for the album, due out June 21. "When the Mancini family calls and asks you to be a part of honoring the legacy of a genius, you say, ‘Thank you so very much. I would love to be there,’" he says. Lizzo and Stevie Wonder are also on the album.


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Mastermind: What Patrick Mahomes admires about Taylor Swift

Joshua Kissi for TIME

As a result of Taylor Swift's romance with Travis Kelce, she's become friendly with the Kansas City Chiefs roster — especially quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany. In his new profile for TIME's 100 Most Influential People, Mahomes says he admires Taylor not only for her work ethic, but because she acts like a regular person, not the most famous pop star in the world.

The Super Bowl champ says when Travis introduced him to Taylor after the Chiefs played the Bears in September, she actually remembered meeting him briefly back in 2019. "I’ve met a lot of famous people now in my life,” says Mahomes. “Taylor’s probably the most down-to-earth person that’s been on that stage for that long.”

“She’s never not working,” he adds. "Even when she’s taking her downtime, she’s working on something. Shooting a music video or singing a song or writing a song. You can see it by how she talks." 

"Even when she’s talking about football, when she’s learning it, you can see her business mind putting it together. It’s almost like she’s trying to become a coach. ‘Why can’t you try this, this, and this?’ She’s asking the right questions.”

Maybe Taylor can share ideas for some plays next season?

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Katy Perry has thoughts on who should replace her on 'American Idol'

Disney/Eric McCandless

Katy Perry's current season as a judge on American Idol will be her last, but she's got thoughts about who should replace her on the ABC reality competition show.

Speaking to E!, Katy said, "I gotta say, Jelly Roll was crazy when he came on the show. I was convinced at anything he said. He could run for president, he could be my pastor, I might go back to church for him. He could sell me anything. So I love him."

The "Need a Favor" singer appeared on the April 8 edition of American Idol.

Katy noted, however, that whoever ends up replacing her shouldn't be afraid to speak their mind. "I want a truth teller," she explained. "I want someone that is not afraid to tell the truth in a graceful way."

"Unfortunately, when you're a woman and you have an opinion or you're a boss, sometimes you're also considered a [b****] ... so just someone that has a strong sense of self, that listens to their intuition," she said.

This season's American Idol finale will air May 19.

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It's official: Taylor Swift's boyfriend has a TV job

Kansas City Star / Tribune News Service via Getty Images

After reports that he was in talks for the job, Travis Kelce has landed it. Taylor Swift's other half is the new host of Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? — a spin-off of the popular game show Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? — which will stream on Prime Video.

The show will feature a contestant who will get help from a group of celebrities in answering 11 questions on subjects taken from an elementary school curriculum, with a $100,000 prize hanging in the balance. For the final question, which will be on a sixth-grade level, the contestant will pick one celebrity to talk through the answer before making their final decision.

“I grew up loving game shows, and I’m excited to be following in the footsteps of so many TV icons by hosting my very first one with Are you Smarter than a Celebrity," the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said in a statement. "The original show is a great success, so to be bringing a new format with everyone’s favorite celebrities to the screen, will definitely be entertaining."

He adds, "I’m just happy to be on the hosting side of the equation here and excited to see how these famous faces keep up.”

No word yet on when the show will premiere, or how it might fit into Kelce's training or playing schedule — or into Taylor's recording and touring schedule.

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Katy Perry reacts to wardrobe malfunction, describes "joyful" sound of new album

Disney/Eric McCandless

On American Idol Monday night, Katy Perry had a wardrobe malfunction: The top of her silver metal top came loose, live on TV, and she had to clutch it to her chest to keep from exposing herself. She says she knew she was taking a risk by wearing it, but she wasn't bothered.

“That song broke my top off!” Katy told Roman Collins, the contestant who was performing. She later had to kneel behind the judges' table to cover herself up. "I wouldn’t call it a malfunction – I’d just call it an interesting moment on live television,” she told Access Hollywood after the show.

“It seems like every season I’m either tearing the seam of my pants or [something]," she added. "I’m just super expressive physically. I love this outfit so much, and I knew I was rolling the dice, but I was like, ‘Who cares?’”

Katy also talked to Access Hollywood about the sound of her new album, which as yet does not have a title or release date. "I just have yet to make a record from a place of feeling really happy and whole and full of love," she said.

"And sometimes, artists are, like, 'Oh, that's boring.' You wanna make music from, kinda like, a tougher place," she continued. "But actually, it's very bright and joyful -- like pure joy and fun -- and playful and celebratory and a party, is what it is."

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'Vanderpump Rules' star says he's "living" for Taylor Swift's reaction to his "Cruel Summer" remix

Don Arnold/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

While Taylor Swift looked super happy during her visit to Coachella on April 13, there was one moment where she looked a bit disturbed — and the guy who put that look on her face is thrilled about it.

A fan-captured TikTok video shows Taylor jamming out to her song "Cruel Summer" during the Neon Carnival Coachella after-party. But once she realizes the song is actually a remix, her face changes, and she doesn't look happy.

The remix came courtesy of the guy who was deejaying at the party: Vanderpump Rules cast member James Kennedy. He reposted the TikTok to his Instagram Story and captioned it, "living for this."

He also posted a video of Taylor and her boyfriend Travis Kelce at another point in the evening, seemingly enjoying the music. "While I was playing, @killatrav X @taylorswift were having a ball," he wrote. Alongside another clip of them kissing during his set, he penned the caption, "setting the mood haha."

During their time at Coachella, Taylor and Travis checked out multiple performances — including her musical collaborator Jack Antonoff's band Bleachers — while dancing and making out. At one point, Travis lifted Taylor up so she could watch see artist Dom Dolla's set more clearly. They also hung out with Bleachers backstage.

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