Christmas Wish


Annual Christmas Wish Program


K99/WIGM Radio, Dairyland Power members along with area Cooperatives want to grant Christmas Wishes!!  Do you know a family that's having a hard time? A special friend that can use a little Chistmas Cheer?  Now is the time to discover the true spirit of the holidays. Call the Christmas Wish Line at (715) 748-2566, or email us at


The Christmas Wish Line is brought to you by Dairyland Power Members including Taylor Electric Cooperative, Price Electric, and Jump River Electric.  Other sponsors include: Clark Electric Appliance and Satelite, Ag Country Farm Credit Services, Co-op Tansport, Pro-Vision Partners Coop, Heartland Coop, Lakewood Credit Union, Medford Cooperative, County Market, Peoples Choice Credit Union, Price Electric, (RCU) Royal Credit Union, Taylor County Association Of Co-ops, Taylor Credit Union, Grassland Butter, LaGrander's Hillside Dairy, Mayville Market, North Hendren Dairy, and WKEB/WIGM Radio. 


Suggestions for a "Christmas Wish" for area residents may be directed to WKEB/WIGM radio at:

P.O. Box 59
Medford WI 54451

Phone: 715-748-2566
Fax: 715-748-2752

or email us at


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