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Bratland Charged

Bratland Charged  9/22/22


MEDFORD, Wis. -A plea has been entered for a woman who is charged in the death of her two-year-old son in Taylor County.


31 year old Natasha Bratland was charged with three counts of neglecting a child last year.   Sept. 21, 2022 court records show Bratland of Lublin pleaded no contest and was found guilty of all three counts. She was ordered to serve two years on probation, and if she follows all the conditions of her sentence, after three years, the first count of felony neglect of a child causing death will be dismissed.


Bratland is charged with neglecting a child resulting in their death after her two-year-old son Colton was hit and killed by a train on June 29 while running unattended along railroad tracks in the Village of Lublin. The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said the boy’s parents were Kyle and Natasha Bratland.


Taylor County Sheriff Larry Woebbeking said at the time of the incident, the train was traveling south and blowing its horn numerous times as it approached the village. The train conductor noticed the boy before impact and attempted to stop the train but was unable to avoid striking the boy, who was running on the outer edge of the railroad ties. Woebbeking said the boy was alone leading up to the incident and not under any supervision and was seen alone walking down the street in only a diaper. According to the criminal complaint, area residents told a detective that the children were commonly seen in the village playing in the streets, on the railroad tracks, and even on rooftops.


Earlier this month that Natasha Bratland was charged in Chippewa County with shoplifting from the Lake Hallie Walmart. That case has not yet been settled.


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