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Medford Man Charged in September Crash

Medford Man Charged in September Crash  Thursday, January 25


An 18-year-old Medford man now faces five charges stemming from a deadly crash in September. 


Charges were filed Wednesday, January 24th.


Blain J. Lain faces the following charges:

Homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle

Homicide by vehicle - use of a controlled substance 

Knowingly operate a motor vehicle without a valid license - cause great bodily harm

Use of a vehicle w/controlled substance in blood - great bodily harm

Knowingly operate a motor vehicle without a valid license


If convicted, Lain faces more than 50 years in prison and more than $150,000 in fines.


The crash occurred on September 26th of last year at around 3 p.m. on Oriole Drive, north of Taylor County Highway O.


According to the criminal complaint, a witness heard a car coming at what sounded like a high rate of speed. When they turned to look, they saw the vehicle enter the ditch and then go airborne. 

The vehicle left the west side of the roadway at a high rate of speed, overturning multiple times.

The vehicle eventually coming to rest about 573 feet off the roadway, the complaint said.

Taylor County deputies arrived on scene and found that all of the vehicle's occupants has been ejected during the crash.


Lain said he was the driver in a crash that killed Breanne E. Flint and badly injured another man. The two men were transported by ambulance and helicopter for treatment of their injuries.  The complaint said Flint's phone had a dangerous speed notification saying the vehicle was going 112 MPH.  


Authorities learned that Blain Lain, did not have a driver's license.


According to the complaint, on Decemeber 29th of last year, a report was filed by Laboratory of Hygiene after a blood draw on Lain showed a Delta 9-THC blood result. 



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