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Man Killed in Accident at Crass Saw Mill

Man Killed in Accident at Carass Saw Mill


The Taylor County Sheriff's Office is reporting  that on Tuesday, December 5, 2024, at 3:27 p.m. they received a 911 call reporting a man had been run over by a loader at the Crass Sawmill located at W3638 State Hwy 64 in the Town of Browning, Taylor County. It was further reported that the man was not conscious or breathing at the time of the 911 call .Taylor County deputies along with ambulance and EMS services were dispatched.    


Upon the deputies arrival they found the victim laying on the ground deceased with severe head trauma. The victim was identified as 43-year-old Mark A. Frischman of Medford WI.


The investigation into the incident finds that the victim, Mark Frischman, was talking with another individual in the driveway in near proximity to a large loader that was unloading a semi-truck. The conversation ended and one individual walked away and was about 6 feet away from Frischman when he turned back and had seen Mark Frischman had been backed-over by the loader.


The loader operator was backing a large loader that is not equipped with a back up camera or back up alarms. He was unaware that Mark Frischman was standing in the path of the loader as he was backing. Also contributing to the incident were semi-trucks and other large equipment running making it difficult for the victim to have heard the loader approaching him.


The investigation into the incident is ongoing.


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