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Two Year Old Struck by Train

Two Year Old Struck by Train     July 14, 2021


The investigation into the death of the 2-year-old child that was struck and killed by a train in the Village of Lublin, Taylor County on June 29, 2021 is near completion and will be forwarded to the Taylor County District Attorney’s Office.


The parents of the deceased child are 26-year-old Kyle T. Bratland and 31-year-old Natasha S. Bratland of Lublin Wi.


The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office investigation found that the children from the Bratland residence were commonly seen without adult supervision and playing in areas that were unsafe.  Area residents informed the Sheriff’s Office Detective that the children were commonly seen thought-out the village playing in the streets, on the railroad tracks and even on roof tops.


It has further been determined that the 2-year old victim was alone leading up to the fatal accident and not under any supervision. The child was seen alone walking down the street in only a diaper.


At the time of the fatal accident the Canadian National Railroad train was traveling southbound blowing its train horn numerous times as it approached the village. The 2-year-old child was also running in a southbound direction on the outer edge of the railroad ties. The train conductor noticed the small child movements before impact and attempted to stop the train but was unable to avoid striking the child. The train was operating in a safe and normal condition prior to the accident.


The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office will be requesting charges on both Kyle and Natasha Bratland for, Neglecting a child with death as a consequence of that neglect 948.21 (1) (d) class D felony. This charging request will be forwarded to the Taylor County District Attorney’s Office.  



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