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Gilman School District May Sell Two Forest Parcels

Gilman School District May Sell Two Forest Parcels 10/28/20


  The Taylor County Board acted on a request to remove deed restrictions. The Gilman school district has 5 parcels of land which are all part of the district’s school forest. The district’s plan is to sell 2 of the parcels and utilize the funds to pay for an outdoor classroom, a shelter, educational walking trails and informational signage as upgrades to parcels in Jump River and Roosevelt. The parcels to be sold are located in the towns of Taft and Cleveland.

  They were originally given to the Gilman School District by the county as tax deed land. The deeds indicate that if the school district ceases to own the parcels, they shall become the property of the county. Supervisor Lewis objected to the board removing the deed restriction as he felt it was not the proper way to do it. Lewis proposed offering each school district in the county $50,000 in powerline impact funds to pay for school forest enhancements.

  Supervisor Ray Soper disagreed with Lewis as he told the board that this is the way government is supposed to work, and the board was elected to solve problems.

  Legally the board needs to determine that in order to grant the removal of the deed restrictions the objective must serve public purpose. The county board voted 15 yes and 1 no to remove the deed restriction on the Cleveland and Taft Gilman School forest properties. Supervisor Lewis cast the lone dissenting vote. Preliminary estimates are that the parcels will sell for about $90,000.


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