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County Board Goes Land Shopping

County Board Goes Land Shopping     2/24/20 


  The Taylor County Board was shopping for land on the edge of Medford with a pair of questions in mind.  Does either the highway department or the fairgrounds need more land for future use?    The highway department and fairgrounds are located on a prominent parcel of just over 37 acres in Medford.  Nearly all of the eastern border is shared by 3 other parcels.  The southern parcel along highway 64 is the 24 acre Harold Miller property.   While about half of the highway 64 frontage is buildable, nearly 2/3 of the remainder of the parcel is split by Correction Creek making it questionable for development. 

  The second parcel is the new Wisconsin DNR property which is the location of Medford’s new DNR service office.  The bulk of the potential expansion property is the Bauer property which is just over 8 acres.  The parcel includes a number of outbuildings.  Jeff Ludwig told the board that he felt it would be advantageous for the county to own the Bauer property.  The sheriff’s department is in need of storage space for court-held vehicle storage and storage of the s.w.a.t. vehicles.  In addition, space could be used for fairground expansion and parking. 
  Supervisor Scott Mildbrand indicated that with the prospect of building a new highway shop in the Rib Lake/Westboro area, he would rather not pursue additional land near Medford.  Getting down to the nitty gritty Mr Ludwig was asked what the Bauer parcel was worth.  He indicated the 8 acre Bauer parcel was on the books with an assessed value of $204,100 including the outbuildings.  Board chairman Jim Metz directed Mr. Ludwig to have a chat with John Bauer to determine what his asking price would be for the parcel which abuts the north east boundary of the highway shop and fairground property.  At that point the county board will decide whether there is merit in the land purchase. 


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