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Septic System Repair Loans Coming Soon In Taylor County

Septic System Repair Loans Coming Soon In Taylor County   2/24/20 
  The Taylor County Board voted in favor of establishing a revolving loan program which is designed to help homeowners pay for bringing noncompliant septic systems into compliance.    Taylor County has about 4600 septic systems and an estimated 2000 systems which are unpermitted.  Many of these systems are not in compliance with certain septic systems draining sewage into the road ditch or neighbors’ yards. 
  A number of Taylor County homeowners are not able to obtain the necessary funding to repair their failing septic systems which can result is costs ranging from $8000 up to $20,000 depending on the type of system.  Zoning Administrator Kyle Noonan indicated that about a year of planning has gone into creating the loan program.  Gene Knoll expressed support because this may enable people to stay in their homes, improve water quality and ultimately result in a saleable parcel with a compliant septic system. 
  The county board approved the establishment of the revolving loan fund with available funding totaling $300,000.  To establish the fund, $200,000 will be taken from the Environmental Cleanup Fund and $100,000 from the General Reserve.  Kyle Noonan told the board that Taylor County’s private onsite water treatment system revolving loan fund is one of the first in the state of Wisconsin.  While the resolution was approved by the county board, Supervisor Tim Hanson expressed his opposition by saying he didn’t think the county should be in the lending or repossession business.  Supervisors Hanson and Soper voted against the concept.  


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