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County Board Says Yes And No To Powerline Fund Requests

County Board Says Yes And No To Powerline Fund Requests   10/31/18


  The Taylor County Board spent a good deal of time discussing the merits of requests for funding of various projects.  After the talking and multiple votes, the ball diamond projects lost out while other projects prevailed.  Four ballparks asked for funding including Jaycee Field in Medford, Tannery Creek Parkway in Rib Lake, Whittlesey Baseball Association, and the Westboro Ball Club each sought varying amounts originally but were approved for $5,000 each by the county finance committee.  However the full county board was split with 10 supervisors voting yes and 7 voting no.  The requests failed because a 2/3 approval is required in order to receive Powerline Fund requests.

  Other projects fared better with the Western Taylor County Library in Gilman receiving a unanimous approval for $5,000.  The second project approved was the Pine Line resurfacing project receiving $5,000 on a 13 to 4 vote.  Lastly, the Wild Wild Westboro group received unanimous approval for $5,000 to help pay for a new playground.

  A measure to use Powerline Impact funds to help fund loans for replacing failing residential septic systems in the county was tabled.  It was noted that Taylor County has about 6,700 septic systems with an estimated 1/3 of these existing systems in need of replacement.  Prior to committing Powerline Funds to a revolving loan fund to help finance septic systems, the board wanted more definitive directions as to how the program would be administered.  The measure was tabled and the Zoning and Finance departments were directed to begin the process of establishing suggestions for the possible administration of a county revolving loan fund to aid in replacing failing septic systems.

  The Taylor County Powerline Impact Fund currently has a balance of about $565,000.


Taylor County Opens County Roads to ATV/UTV Use

Taylor County Opens County Roads to ATV/UTV Use  10/31/18


  Halloween proved to be a treat for ATV and UTV operators in Taylor County.  After considerable discussion the Taylor County Board approved mirroring state rules and regulations and the opening all County Trunk highways with 3 exceptions.  Chuck Zenner started the discussion by saying that 13, 14 and 15 year old youths shouldn’t be allowed on the RV’s.  Supervisor Thums indicated that would cause confusion with the county having age limits which would vary from townships.  Supervisor Soper expressed his support of the county mirroring state law which calls for youth age 12 through 15 to be mentored by an adult.  It was noted that the city of Medford currently requires operators to be 16 years old. 

  After considerable discussion the board agreed to open the county highway system with 3 exceptions.  The roads which will be closed to RV use will include:  County O from County Q to Highway 13, County M from County Q to Highway 13, and County Q from County M to Highway 64.  A proposal to close County Q from highway 64 to County O failed.  The resolution to allow ATV and UTV use of County Highways passed on a 13 yes and 4 no vote count with supervisors Lewis, Zenner, Adams and Bub voting no.  The state highways will not be open for RV use.  Once marker signs are put up by the highway crew, the new law which mirrors state regulations will take effect.   


Stevens Charged in Kummer Crash

Stevens Charged in Kummer Crash  10/10/18


 An Eau Claire woman, charged in connection to a crash that killed four people in Chippewa County, appeared in court Tuesday, October 9th.


  A judge issued 24-year-old Cara Stevens a $10,000 signature bond.


  Stevens was charged with eight counts, including four for homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle.   

  The charges are tied to a May 27, 2017 crash just east of Cornell, at the intersection of Highway 64 and County Road G.


  A complaint filed said Stevens was driving a car heading north on G and told investigators she didn't remember seeing any stop signs in the area. Stevens said she was going about 60 miles an hour when she collided with a truck heading westbound on 64.


  Investigators say skid marks tied to Stevens' car were visible on G, but after entering the intersection with Highway 64.


  Stevens’ vehicle collided with a truck heading westbound on 64. She was the only person in her vehicle to survive, as Mikaila Toske, Raven Ellin, and Jonathan Jorgensen – all from of Eau Claire – were killed.

Kristine Kummer of Medford was the lone person in the truck killed, as four others were injured.


  The complaint states driver impairment was not a factor in the crash.


  The complaint also states: "While the exact reasons for Ms. Stevens' inattention are not known, it is likely her attention was not focused on the approaching intersection and stop sign."


  Cara Stevens next court hearing is scheduled for November.



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