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Taylor County Opens County Roads to ATV/UTV Use

Taylor County Opens County Roads to ATV/UTV Use  10/31/18


  Halloween proved to be a treat for ATV and UTV operators in Taylor County.  After considerable discussion the Taylor County Board approved mirroring state rules and regulations and the opening all County Trunk highways with 3 exceptions.  Chuck Zenner started the discussion by saying that 13, 14 and 15 year old youths shouldn’t be allowed on the RV’s.  Supervisor Thums indicated that would cause confusion with the county having age limits which would vary from townships.  Supervisor Soper expressed his support of the county mirroring state law which calls for youth age 12 through 15 to be mentored by an adult.  It was noted that the city of Medford currently requires operators to be 16 years old. 

  After considerable discussion the board agreed to open the county highway system with 3 exceptions.  The roads which will be closed to RV use will include:  County O from County Q to Highway 13, County M from County Q to Highway 13, and County Q from County M to Highway 64.  A proposal to close County Q from highway 64 to County O failed.  The resolution to allow ATV and UTV use of County Highways passed on a 13 yes and 4 no vote count with supervisors Lewis, Zenner, Adams and Bub voting no.  The state highways will not be open for RV use.  Once marker signs are put up by the highway crew, the new law which mirrors state regulations will take effect.   


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